John P Parker

John P. Parker
John P. Parker, or J.P., served in the 62nd Regiment of North Carolina. Fact: 16 APR 1862 Confederate Conscription Act. Enlisted at age 30, July 11, 1862. Captured at Cumberland Gap, TN., September 9, 1863. Sent to Louisville, Kentucky. Confined at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 15, 1863. He died there on June 12, 1864, of "acute dysentery." He previously served as Captain in the 113th Regiment North Carolina Militia. See notes below.
John P. Parker died on June 12, 1864, as a Prisoner of War. According to the state of North Carolina Civil War Pension Records, J.P. Parker's widow, Nancy, filed a pension claim.
Birth: 10 MAY 1831 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: 12 June 1864 
Gender: Male
Father: Parker, John R.


Marriage: 18 JUL 1850 in Haywood Co., N.C.

             Queen, Nancy 
             Birth: 18 JUN 1829 N.C.
             Death: AFT. 1880
             Gender: Female

Father: Queen, John R. 
Birth: ABT 1803 North Carolina
Mother: Coward, Mary
Birth: ABT 1811 in North Carolina

See Official American Civil War Roster: Parker, J. P.
Also, J.P. or John P. Parker is listed on numerous Civil War documents and records. His widow Nancy Queen filed a pension claim with the state of North Carolina. In Confederate Veteran Ezekiel A. Brown's diary of the 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment, he recorded John P. Parker's service, capture and death.


The records show 443 men of the 62nd were prisoners at Camp Douglas.
At least 9 Parker relatives served in the 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment. John P. Parker is the only Parker to be recorded as captured in the Cumberland Gap Region and then later die at Camp Morton.
From research, the men of the 62nd were poorly armed and equipped, but they were tenacious fighters. Many evaded capture in the Cumberland Gap, and regrouped in Asheville.

Hugh Robert Parker married Sally Davis on June 14, 1890
6-14-1890 at Webster Ts. Hugh Robert Parker, 27 Sally Davis, 18 BG Wild, MG, wit: JM Wearley, DG Bigham